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Ready for a Nordic experience?

With 30 years of experience in Norway, Verisure has a market leading position and aims to significantly strengthen this position in the coming years. Despite being a safe country to live in, Norway has among the highest penetration of alarms within the Verisure Group, and we still experience high demand.

To take a significant step in growing the Norwegian business, we are currently looking for ambitious employees to join our team. You will get a very good onboarding, training and support, both professionally and personally.

You will start as a security expert in order to get to know both Verisure as a company, the products and the customers. Ads a security expert you will visit existing customers and both repair alarm systems and install new ones.

A natural progression after learning the products and also Norwegian, is to take a more active role in selling for Verisure.

Verisure wants to award great employees who has excelled and shown dedication the opportunity to start their own Verisure Frachise. Are you the one? 


We want to make a statement that we invest in the ones we believe in. Therefor we will cover the cost of the plain ticket to come to Norway, and we will also make sure to cover 3 round trips per year, so that you can visit your family back home. 

We will also arrange with accommodation in Oslo, an apartment that is both central and close to work. You will share this apartment with some other colleagues for a great social environment both on and off work. 


We offer a 4 day sales training, a 5 day technical course and a 2 day onboarding session. All expenses covered by Verisure, and to make up for lost time at work we offer 10.000,- NOK as compensation for time spent on training. 

We will also like you to be a natural part of the Norwegian society, and to make sure that integration goes even smoother, we offer Norwegian classes for our employees. Of course all expenses paid. 

We estimate that a normal salary will sum up to approximately 30.000 NOK per month gross (50 service assignments and 15 installations). And when you don't have to think about paying for an apartment, that's very good money. 

You will also have your own company car at your disposal! 

The Norwegian Verisure Head office is centrally located in the capital, Oslo. From our new office, we are overlooking the fjord and have the mountains within reach for any outdoor experience. If a modern city life is your preference, we can proudly say that Oslo is the fastest growing capital in Europe and recommended to visit by Lonely Planet 2018. If this is not enough, Norway has been rated the Best Country to Live in more than once! No surprise our Managing Director moved here from Sweden, and our Sales Performance Manager came with his family of five from Spain. 

We think that if you come here, you will never want to leave. If you promise us a 12 month try, let’s see where we go from there!

About Verisure in Norway: https://www.verisure.no/en               

About Norway: Best country to live in 2017: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/norway-best-country-to-live_us_5a6059c7e4b046f0811d0235

About Oslo: Top 10 city to visit 2018: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/best-in-travel/cities and https://why-oslo.no/project/europesfastestgrowingcapital

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